Rustic Decor for a Bedroom Wall

If you are redecorating your bedroom and want to have a rustic theme – good news! There is an almost endless supply of decorations and ideas for rustic bedroom wall decor to help you create the perfect space for you.
First of all, wall color is a primary consideration. To enhance a rustic theme, choose colors that are earthy and warm – brown, rust, deep yellow – or varying shades of these colors. If deep colors aren’t for you, you can also go with something more neutral like cream or beige, just stay away from cooler and pastel tones.
Once you have your wall color established, the fun can begin! Depending on the size of your wall, you can choose from a huge variety of wall decor or even create your own. Nearly any kind of natural or outdoor element can work from wood, metal and wire to grasses and plants to fabrics like wool, cotton or burlap. Good choices include: anything wood – frames, art, shelves or signs, weathered metal signs or containers to hold plants or other items, barbed wire as an accent or spelling out a word or name, lanterns or candles on a wooden shelf for extra lighting.
There are so many ways to incorporate rustic elements in your decor; you may even find some in your backyard! Whatever you decide, it only takes a little imagination and you can have the rustic bedroom of your dreams!