Listening to Your Child’s “Advice”


When parents get to a certain point with their children, the children will start giving them feedback. While parenting advice from kids seems to be a strange concept, it can open communication lines.

If you choose to take parenting advice from kids, then make sure that the kids understand these are just suggestions, not rules. Children should never be running the show. While the viral video of the little kid lecturing his mom calling her “Linda, honey” might have seemed kind of cute, the kid was off his rocker. He didn’t know how to do anything but deflect attention.

When taking parenting advice from kids, be cognizant of where they are coming from. If they want to feel heard or understood, then it is important that you remember the general message of what they are saying. They also learn to manipulate at quite an early age, so watch out for this as well in their “lectures”.